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Dive Conditions

SCRIPPS - Swell Models and Tide Charts

iPodThe SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography has a wealth of resources for divers. You can check the swells for your dive today on the Nowcast. Check the for your dives in the next few days on the Forecast and the tides. High slack tide is best for diving!

Nowcast Swell Model Forecast Swell Model Tides


iPodNOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - provides marine and coastal water forecasts. 
So if you want to know what the boat ride is going to be like tomorrow......click here. 



iPodIs your beach clean? You might be surprised. Heal the Bay, in addition to being a leading activist in keeping our beaches clean, gives us Beach Report Cards.  You can check the water conditions to see if you're swimming in nice clean water or some nasty runoff. 
Get the LA area report cards here.


iPod LA isn't always 80 degrees and sunny. Alright most of the time it is but it's still a good idea to check the weather before a dive.  You'll know if you need that dive parka and it always helps with the age old question....... "do I dive wet or dry?"   
Click here to check the forecast.